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Department of Neuropathology

Surgical Neuropathology

Ò NEUROPATHOLOGY – Histopathology Request Form (Version 2.2)  (updated 15/05/2020)

The RPA Department of Neuropathology provides the following histopathology services:

  • Tissue-based diagnostic pathology services for RPA Neurosurgery and Neurology services.
  • Timely histopathological diagnoses on a wide variety of neurosurgical specimens from RPA and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, in partnership with RPA Tissue Pathology and Diagnostic Oncology.
  • NATA-accredited immunohistochemistry and special staining services on neurosurgical specimens. Please contact us for the full list of antibodies available.



Histology Review / Second Opinion

We provide consultation and second opinion services for referral cases of brain biopsy specimens from across NSW, interstate and overseas. 

A Medicare rebate is available for a second opinion, provided in a written report on a patient specimen, requested by a treating practitioner, where further information is needed for accurate diagnosis and appropriate patient management (MBS item 72859).

Please contact us for further details.


Muscle Pathology

We work closely with RPA Neurologists and the Neurology Laboratory to provide comprehensive diagnostic expertise in muscle biopsy interpretation.

Please visit the Neurology Laboratory website for further details.