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Pain Management Programme-Intensive

The PMP-I is an intensive, group based cognitive behavioural pain management programme. It is based on the research evidence and treatment guidelines.
Programme participants can expect to:

  • Develop active engagement in self-managing chronic pain

  • Improve physical functioning

  • Learning to cope with chronic pain

  • Develop of a wide range of active pain coping strategies

  • Increase their understanding of chronic pain

  • Reduce fear about pain, movement and the risk of re-injury

  • Reduce reliance on aids, such as sticks, neck braces and so on

  • Develop a better understand appropriate medication use and reduce reliance on medications

  • Improve functioning in the workplace

  • Improve psychological functioning by managing problems such as depression and anxiety

  • Improve quality of life

Participants attend the programme from 9am to 4pm five days a week for three weeks. They also attend regular follow-ups post-treatment at one, three and six month intervals.

Programme Overview

The programme is conducted by a core team of a medical professional, clinical psychologist, clinical nurse consultant and a physiotherapist. Each day is divided into a number of individual modules. Each module addresses key issues in the management of chronic pain. For example, each day there is a minimum of two hours of a physiotherapist-led activity-based reconditioning programme. There is also daily relaxation/meditation practice. Other modules involve topics such as managing negative thinking, education about appropriate medication use, assertiveness and communication skills, managing pain in the workplace, and relapse prevention.