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Return to Work Programmes

At the pain management centre we can help with developing return to work programmes. A return to work programme is aimed at returning a person to work full or part time. This may involve their old job or alternative work. It involves increasing a person's work hours and duties over a specified time frame, and in doing so the programme aims to ensure that all tasks are carried out safely.

A typical return to work programme involves:

  • clarifying the person's medical restrictions

  • matching the person's work capacity to the job demands

  • negotiating suitable duties and hours with the relevant parties

  • drawing up the return to work programme

  • obtaining the treating doctor's approval

  • undertaking regular monitoring

  • increasing the hours and duties as appropriate until full duties or alternative employment is achieved.

  • providing appropriate support

A return to work plan identifies suitable duties. Suitable duties are the parts of a job designed to allow an early return to work.

Return to work plans should include:

  1. name of client/injured worker

  2. position title

  3. supervisor

  4. specific duties to be performed

  5. considerations for each duty

  6. hours and/or days of work

  7. specific duties to be avoided

  8. start and end dates for the return to work program

  9. monitoring arrangements

  10. signatures of the all relevant parties

  11. additional information that may be required as part of the return to work program depending on the specific state/territory.