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Stress and burnout are almost universal concerns in the career of medical practitioners. It is a significant issue for basic physician trainees who are preparing for exams, but continues throughout a physician’s career, regardless of discipline or specialty choice.

Following on from our successful BPT OK pilot program, Sydney Local Health District has appointed Australia’s first Chief Medical Wellness Officer, Dr Bethan Richards, head of Rheumatology at RPA. MDOK aims to drive cultural and systemic change in health, and reduce stress and burnout among junior and senior doctors.

The MDOK programme teaches all medical staff the skills to care for their own health, manage traumatic events and mentor younger staff, in addition to attending  workshops and sessions on goal-setting, relaxation, stress management, clinical debriefing, nutrition and exercise

MDOK for BPTs involves:

  • Mentorship at multiple levels

  • Workshops covering:

    • Wellbeing and how to maintain it with busy schedules (have own GP)
    • Goal setting, maintain perspective throughout training
    • Early recognition and management stress
    • Stress management

      • Skilled debriefing (culture and regular opportunities for debriefing)
      • Mindfulness
      • Progressive Muscle Relaxation, controlled breathing, guided meditation techniques

    • Healthy exam preparation and peak performance coaching by clinical/sports psychologists
  • Physical health (knowledge, skill and practice)

  • Knowledge of how to design personal training programs

    • Put knowledge into practice (opportunities for exercise at work with by personal trainers x3/wk)
    • Use of Fitness activity trackers
    • Nutrition with busy lifestyle

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