Sydney Local Health District
RPA Museum & Archives


Our archival collection consists of operation registers, patient registers, nurse registers, minutes of meetings, annual reports and journals. We also have several private collections that have been donated. Our archives are available for onsite research purposes, by appointment only and can provide a glimpse into Australian health policy throughout the past 125 years.

The collection includes :

  • a full run of the RPA Gazette/Journal from 1902-1988
  • Pacemaker Newsletter, 1970-1988
  • Annual reports
  • Patient registers, 1882-1906
  • House Committee minutes, 1883-1986
  • Medical Executive Board minutes, 1963
  • Board of Directors minutes, 1873-1986
  • Hospital Secretary reports, 1902-1934
  • Medical Superintendent reports, 1902-1966
  • Operation registers, 1963 - onwards
  • Original architectural plans for the Hospital
  • Departmental histories
  • Collections of significant figures including Herbert Schlink, Alan Lilley, Mark Lidwill, Mary Heseltine, Rowan Nicks and others.

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