Meet the Editors

The commercial environment for scientific journals is changing rapidly, with significant implications for anyone seeking to have their research published. In this seminar hosted by Sydney Health Partners on 22 November 2018, three seasoned journal editors gave a full, frank and at times very funny assessment of the future of academic publishing.


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Meet the Editors

Professor Anne Sales, co-Editor-in-Chief of Implementation Science 

Anne Sales
Anne Sales is a Professor in the University of Michigan Medical School, Department of Learning Health Sciences, and Research Scientist at the Center for Clinical Management Research at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System. Her training is in sociology, health economics, econometrics, and general health services research. 

Her current work involves theory-based design of implementation interventions, including understanding how feedback reports affect provider behavior and through behavior change have an impact on patient outcomes, and the role of social networks in uptake of knowledge translation interventions.


Professor Stephen Leeder, Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Epidemiology and former Editor-in-Chief of the Medical Journal of Australia

Stephen Leeder
Stephen Leeder is an emeritus professor of public health and community medicine at the University of Sydney. He is currently director, Research and Education Network, Western Sydney Local Health District and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Epidemiology. He held the position of chair of the Western Sydney Local District Health Board from 2011 until December 2016. Stephen also held the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Medical Journal of Australia from January 2013 until April 2015.

Professor Leeder has a long history of involvement in public health research, educational development and policy. His research interests as a clinical epidemiologist have been mainly asthma, cardiovascular disease and the application of epidemiological reasoning to clinical problem-solving.


Professor Don Nutbeam, Editor-in-Chief of Public Health Research and Practice

Don Nutbeam
Professor Nutbeam recently returned to Australia after a six-year term as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Southampton, UK. He shares his time as a Professor of Public Health at the University of Sydney and a Senior Adviser at the Sax Institute. His career has spanned positions in universities, government, health services and an independent health research institute. This includes university leadership roles in Australia and the UK, and a period as Head of Public Health in the UK Department of Health during the Blair Government (2000–2003). His research interests are in social and behavioural origins of health, development and evaluation of public health interventions, and testing health literacy interventions.


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