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Sydney Health Partners is one of the first four Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres in Australia, recognised by the National Health and Medical Research Council in 2015 for being a world leader in translating research into better health outcomes for our community.

Patient and public benefit is at the core of what we do. Through our Partnership we are committed to fostering cutting edge collaboration and using the outcomes of health and medical research to improve the lives of our patients and community faster and more consistently.

Our Partnership - the first of its kind in New South Wales  - is made up of the Sydney, Northern Sydney and Western Sydney Local Health Districts; the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (Westmead); the University of Sydney; and nine affiliated independent medical research institutes.

Our Partnership is founded on the strong leadership of our Local Health Districts and brings together world leading researchers and clinicians who are dedicated to undertaking research that brings benefit to patients in the public health system as quickly as possible.

Through our Partnership we:

  • Operate a health system that serves a population of 2.7 million people - equal to 10% of the population of Australia. We also reach 50% of NSW through care provided to people from across the state.
  • Have a combined workforce of over 33,000 people and research funding of almost $1 billion.
  • Cover a cross section of the Australian population, including a significant number of people from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands communities as well as disadvantaged recent immigrants.
  • Have 1,200 academic appointments, 13,000 students and 1,600 primary supervisors.

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