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Your questions answered

Implementing changes to clinical practice is not easy. Here are some commonly asked questions which may help in enabling you to incorporate child health and developmental surveillance into your practice.

Please note: child health check refers to child health and developmental surveillance.

What do I get out of completing the eLearning program?

Answer :

  • If you are a member of the RACGP, please put in your RACGP membership number. Upon completion of the eLearning program and 3 month post course survey, you will be awarded a Category A - 40 CPD points and certificate of completion.

How do I fit acute health issues and developmental surveillance into a busy clinic?

Suggestions :

  • Tackle the acute issue first – include routine recording of vitals and growth parameters
  • Book a separate longer appointment (20-30 minutes) for a comprehensive child health check – ideally at regular intervals either with scheduled vaccinations or annually utilising a recall system
  • If you have a practice nurse, they can run child health check clinics and perform most of the check prior to your review of the child and discussion with parents or caregivers – see below for MBS numbers

The trouble is I am unsure where to refer parents to for parenting support, general advice, or assessment and therapy services if a developmental problem is picked up. I know I should refer to the local paediatrician, but what else can I do to speed up the process for the families?


  • Check your local Health Pathways for guidance on a range of clinical issues and how to access public and private services
  • Speaking with a trusted local paediatrician can also be helpful
  • Most Community Health Centres also run parenting programs or counselling through their Child and Family Health services.
  • A child with developmental delay may be eligible for NDIS  https://www.ndis.gov.au/
  • Check out our Resources section for links to useful websites.

How can I coordinate care for a child whose family has complex circumstances?


Where can I get more information with regards to additional funding to assist me in developing child health check clinics?


  • Financial support:

    Practice incentives:  Practice Nurse Incentive Programs e.g. 10997
    Chronic disease management/mental health care plan MBS item numbers
    Case conferencing MBS item numbers 828 etc.
    Closing the Gap initiatives e.g. 10987