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Strategic Goals

For Our Patients, Consumers and Carers

  • To have equitable access to safe, high quality patient centred care
  • To be well informed and encouraged to participate in their own care

For Our Staff

  • To treat our patients with dignity, compassion and respect
  • To be highly skilled, committed, accountable and valued
  • To be recognised by the community and their peers as leading edge, highly skilled and innovative in their field
  • To work in safe, respectful, healthy and productive workplaces
  • To share their expertise with others

For Our Community

  • To be engaged and work in close partnership with SLHD, the Central Sydney Medicare Local, NGOs, Councils and others
  • To support and promote personal and community health, empowerment, responsibility and a health promoting environment
  • To access the healthcare they need through an integrated network of primary and community health services across public and private health services
  • To be engaged with and networked closely with SLHD, NGOs and related healthcare and service partners

For Our Services

  • To be culturally sensitive and available to all regardless of culture, income or complexity
  • To incorporate a population health focus to improve the health and wellbeing of the population
  • To be innovative, sustainable and evidence based
  • To be efficient, high quality, safe and appropriate
  • To provide an appropriate mix of prevention, early intervention, treatment, outreach and palliation
  • To be clinically networked across the District and have clearly delineated roles
  • To be networked with general practice and healthcare and related service partners
  • To be accommodated in high quality, well-equipped facilities with leading edge technology
  • To have excellent information management and technology services
  • To be accredited and recognised for excellence
  • To be well maintained, clean and safe

For Our Education

  • To support the training and development of future generations of staff
  • To encourage a culture of evidence based practice and innovation
  • To support mentoring and nurturing of staff
  • To ensure multi-modal educational options for staff (on-line, face to face, mentoring)
  • To create study and career pathways for all levels of the workforce
  • To facilitate education that is interdisciplinary and focused on teamwork

For Our Research

  • To be innovative, leading edge and internationally recognised
  • To collaborate with universities, research institutes and clinical groups
  • To be translated into healthcare practice
  • To be supported by peer review grants from government, non government, industry and other sources

For our Organisation

  • To make the most effective use of resources and ensure financial stability
  • To be adaptive and responsive to our community and staff needs
  • To ensure the CORE values framework is embedded across all functions of the organisation
  • To be an organisation that is widely regarded as an employer of choice
  • To be recognised as a major part of the local economy in its role as an employer and in service delivery

Our contribution to the NSW Premier's Priorities

Sydney Local Health District presented to the NSW Premier's Implementation Unit in August 2016. View the presentation here.

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