Aged Health Chronic Care & Rehabilitation Services

Welcome to Aged Health Chronic Care & Rehabilitation

The Sydney Local Health District provides care to older people, people requiring rehabilitation and their carers throughout the inner-west areas of Sydney.

Much of the care delivered to older people, people requiring rehabilitation and their carers is delivered directly by the Aged Health Chronic Care and Rehabilitation (AHCC&R) service, a core part of the health system.

Aged health care services focus on older people with multiple or complex medical problems and care needs, rather than all older people. 
Rehabilitation services focus on adult rehabilitation only, with particular attention to the needs of people who have had a stroke, have chronic disease or brain injury.
AHCC&R services are provided in a variety of settings including private homes, hospitals, community centres, and residential care settings (like nursing homes).  Health care services are supported by a network of advice, referral and information services to help older people and their carers to find the programs that best match their needs.
We work closely with other agencies that provide essential support to frail older people and their carers.  You can get more information about local services which are not provided by the Local Health District (such as meals-on wheels, domestic assistance and home maintenance) by calling the  MyAgedCare Service on 1800 200 422 or the  Carer Gateway nearest you on 1800 422 737.