Aged Care & Rehabilitation Services

Older Persons Mental Health

Specialist Mental Health Services for Older People include the assessment, treatment and management of mental health disorders and/or severe behavioural disturbance, specifically in older people.  Generally the service treats older people with pre-existing mental health issues or with a newly diagnosed mental illness, such as severe depression or challenging behaviour associated with dementia.  Families and carers of older people using these services are also offered support and assistance.

The type of services available includes:
  • Acute inpatient units in hospitals;
  • Non-acute inpatient units in hospitals;
  • Community teams;
  • Community residential services;
  • Services addressing severely and persistently challenging behaviours.
Specialist Mental Health Services for Older People work in close partnership with General Practitioners, local aged care and rehabilitation services, mental health teams, residential and community care providers to ensure streamlined care.
Referrals are accepted from these services and from the broader community.