Aged Care & Rehabilitation Services

Equipment Lending

One in 10 people in Australia use equipment or an aid to help them cope with their condition or manage with their everyday life. Older people are the most likely group to require equipment to assist them with their mobility and with tasks of daily living.

Equipment Lending Pools (ELPs) are located throughout the Sydney LHD. The pools lend equipment for short periods of time to assist people to re-establish themselves at home after a period of hospitalisation, or to cater immediately for a change in care needs. Assessment by an Occupational Therapist is required to access equipment from an ELP.
Types of aids and equipment available include:
  • Hospital beds;
  • Wheelchairs;
  • Commode chairs;
  • Walking frames.
Further information about ELP’s can be obtained from the Occupational Therapy Department of your local hospital.