Aged Care & Rehabilitation Services

Needing Help with Everyday Activities


Many people find as they get older they needs a little extra help with everyday things such as washing and ironing, meal preparation or home maintenance (like mowing or changing a light bulb). Others need someone to assist them in the shower or with getting dressed and ready.
Some people are lucky to have a carer who is willing and able to assist them with these tasks. For many others who live alone, or who also live with someone requiring assistance, outside help is needed.
The Home and Community Care (HACC) program, provides older people with access to a range of subsidised services, including:
  • case management (via the Community Options program);
  • community transport;
  • personal care;
  • domestic assistance;
  • meals;
  • home maintenance; and
  • home modifications.
Further information on the services available near you and how to access them can be obtained from the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre  on 1800 052 222.