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Heart Health


Cardiovascular disease is the term used for stroke, heart and blood vessel diseases. It is the leading cause of death in Australia, claiming the lives of more than one in three Australians.
You should speak to your doctor for specific information about the health of your heart. 
The Heartline (phone 1300 36 27 87) provides general information about ways to improve your heart health, including:
  • Healthy eating;
  • Quitting smoking;
  • Physical activity;
  • Surgery and other treatments;
  • Life after heart attack;
  • Heart disease and conditions;
  • Healthy weight management;
  • Blood pressure.
The Heart Foundation  provides information on the warning signs for heart attack, and what to do if a heart attack occurs. 
 NSW Health  also provides a range of information on heart health in both English and Community languages.
HeartNET is a web based forum run by the Heart Foundation and Edith Cowan University that allows heart patients, carers, friends and family to read and contribute to discussion boards, keep up with the latest heart-health tips, and swap recipes and other information.