Aged Care & Rehabilitation Services


Home Medicines Review

As we get older, many of us need to take more medications. If they aren’t used properly, or if the wrong ones are used together, the results can be serious. 
A Home Medicines Review could be very helpful for you if:
  • you take more than five medicines in a day (including over-the counter medicines and alternative medicines);
  • are confused or worried about your medicines;
  • see more than one GP or specialist; or
  • have recently spent time in hospital.
Your GP and Pharmacist work together to help you to get the best results from your medicines. 
Anyone - you, your carer, a family member, your pharmacist or community nurse - can ask your doctor if this service might be helpful for you. If you agree, only your GP can refer you for a Home Medicines Review. 
Your pharmacist will visit you to discuss your situation in detail. Your GP will discuss the results of the review with the pharmacist, including any suggestions of potential benefit to you. You go back to the GP to develop a medication management plan together. 
 The Pharmacy Guild of Australia  provides up to date information in English and community languages.
Most medicines available on prescription are subsidised under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).
If you or the person you are caring for need a lot of medications there is a PBS Safety Net to help reduce the amount of money you have to spend. To be eligible you need to keep a record of your spending on PBS medicines. Ask your pharmacist for a Safety Net Concession Card.
If you or the person you are caring for is a concession cardholder, ask your pharmacist for a Safety Net Entitlement Card which will entitle you to further savings when PBS medicines are prescribed.
For more information about the PBS call 1800 020 613