Aged Care & Rehabilitation Services

Money Matters

Many older people and carers who are in financial difficulty don’t apply for assistance, because:

  • They are unsure of who to contact;
  • They are put off by the procedures;
  • They feel uncomfortable about asking for assistance.
If this describes your situation, you could be missing out on help that has been set up for people in your situation. 
Anyone in the community can contact Centrelink to see what they may be entitled to and to assist you to make informed decisions about your current and future financial needs. Centrelink has various departments specially trained to assist you. The most likely ones you will need to speak to are:
  •  Carers and Disability line on 132 717
  •  Retirement Services line on 132 300.
You may be concerned about someone’s ability to manage their money. For example, because:
  •  their bills aren’t being paid and are piling up;
  •  they have become suspicious of banks;
  •  they are unwilling to spend money on essentials;
The person may need to be assessed to see if they are still competent to handle their own money. 
If the person is no longer competent, it may be necessary for a family member, or other person, to act as their ‘guardian’. The Guardianship Tribunal can provide further advice and information (phone 1800 463 928).