Aged Care & Rehabilitation Services

Outpatient Care


Outpatient Care refers to services which are provided in a hospital but where the patient does not stay overnight. People may be referred to outpatient services as they are discharged from hospital or they may be referred directly by their GP or Specialist. 
There are a range of general consultation and specialist clinics provided, including:
  • Amputee clinics;
  • Bladder and incontinence clinics;
  • Diabetes clinics;
  • Falls clinics;
  • Aged Care clinics;
  • Memory clinics;
  • Neuropsychology clinics;
  • Pain clinics;
  • Parkinson’s disease clinics;
  • Psychogeriatric clinics; and
  • Rehabilitation clinics.
Some hospitals also run a ‘day hospital’ where a patient can receive multiple services, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, podiatry and medical/nursing care in the one visit. Day Hospitals generally provide transport to and from the service, as well as light refreshments.