Aged Care & Rehabilitation Services

Respite Care

Respite care is often used when a carer needs a break, or needs time to recover from an operation or illness. Respite care is flexible and designed to meet the needs of both the carer and the person requiring assistance. It can be:

  • In home or out of home;
  • Planned or emergency;
  • Short or long in duration eg. 2 hours, 2 weeks;
  • Frequent or infrequent.
Respite care is provided by the Aged Care and Rehabiltation service and many other local organisations. You can get information on all the local respite services are available to you by calling the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre  on 1800 052 222
In-home respite is when a care-worker comes to your home to provide care and social support for your loved one while you take a break or attend to needs outside the home eg. shopping, appointments. In home respite is usually provided on a regular basis with the same care worker, where possible, and aims to be flexible to the carers’ needs. You do not need an ACAT assessment to access in home respite.    
Day Centres
Day Centres across the District provide opportunities for frail older people to socialise and enjoy a variety of activities, whilst also giving carers the opportunity for a regular break. Transport to and from the centre is provided as are, meals, leisure activities and occasional outings. A small charge is made to cover meals and transport.
Specialised services are provided for people from some particular cultural or language groups, and people with dementia. Each centre works to meet local needs within available resources.
There are different opening hours, days of operation, activities and staffing associated with each centre.


Residential respite is provided in low care accommodation (hostels) and high care accommodation (nursing homes) for people who need 24 hour support for short periods of time. Respite residents will be charged a basic daily care fee, which is approximately 85% of the aged pension.
An ACAT assessment is required so that the level of care can be determined. A total of 63 days of residential respite care can be taken in each financial year. An additional period of 21 days may be allocated if deemed necessary and approved by the ACAT.