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Aged Care and Rehabilitation

Balmain Hospital is part of the Sydney Local Health District (SLHD). The SLHD provides healthcare and assistance to older people in their own homes, in community centres and in hospitals. We also have a network of advice, referral and information services to help older people and their carers to find the programs that best match their needs.

Aged Care and Rehabilitation Services focuses on older people with multiple or complex medical problems and care needs, rather than all older people.  Rehabilitation services focus on adult rehabilitation only, with particular attention to the needs of people who have had a stroke, have chronic disease, brain injury, spinal cord injury or severe burns.

For more information about Aged Care and Rehabilitation Services, please click here.

Sydney Local Health District also works closely with other agencies that provide essential support to frail older people and their carers. For information about local services not provided by Sydney Local Health District, such as meals on wheels, domestic help and home maintenance, please contact Carelink on 1800 052 052.