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Antenatal Care

There are a number of ways that antenatal (pregnancy) care can be provided to you to prepare for the birth of your child.

Midwives are considered one of the most appropriate groups to provide pregnancy care for women with a background of generally good health and who are having a healthy pregnancy. If complications occur midwives the refer you to or consult with relevant medical personnel or clinics.  A plan appropriate to your situation is then made. Midwives may provide pregnancy care through:

Midwives Clinic: at the clinic women see midwives (often the same person) to help prepare and advise throughout the pregnancy. Canterbury Hospital also offers an Arabic Midwives Clinic run by Arabic speaking midwives.

Birth after Caesarean section Clinic: this clinic aims to help women who have had one previous caesarean section providing support and information around decisions, developing plans and preparing for the birth. The midwife also runs information sessions regularly that allow women to gain information and meet each other.  Women who attend this clinic will also have input from an obstetric doctor in clarifying and assisting with this process.

Midwifery Group Practice: women have their pregnancy, labour, birth and post birth care by a known midwife and a small group of midwives who back each other up. The woman and her family have the opportunity to meet all of the midwives through the pregnancy.

Midwife Practitioner: who runs specialised clinics for women with some degree of complexity or need for extra input during pregnancy.

GP (General Practitioner) Antenatal Shared Care
Pregnancy care is shared between the woman's local doctor (who has attended training to provide pregnancy care in collaboration) and the Maternity Unit. If complications arise the GP will consult or refer with the staff at the Maternity Unit. The General Practitioner is not involved with the labour or birth but may provide a post birth checkup and of course is available for baby related issues after the birth.

Antenatal Doctors Clinic
Where women have some degree of complexity affecting their pregnancy they may be referred to the antenatal doctors clinic for ongoing monitoring or input. Some women may be referred to a hospital that can provide a higher intensity of monitoring, expertise or equipment for women or their baby(ies). 

Endocrine Clinic
The Endocrine Clinic is for women who have endocrine disorders that affect the pregnancy (most often diabetes in pregnancy or type 2 diabetes). In this clinic women will see a variety of staff who will coordinate their care, help them monitor the diabetes, the pregnancy and help them prepare and plan for parenting.

There is a limited capacity for genetic counselling and as with other conditions or issues a referral to appropriate service or hospital for specific consultations is made when needed.