Going Home

For Patients and Visitors

The hospital's check out time is 10:00am. Patients are responsible for organising their transport home. Please discuss any concerns with nursing staff.

A Discharge Lounge is available for patients to wait for pick up. This is located on level 2 between Acacia and Boronia Ward.

We will be talking to you and your family, visitors or loved ones during your stay about your expected 'discharge' date and some of the things you may need when you return home. Along with discussing needs like care at home, transport, wound care, equipment or medication plans, your doctor should inform you of the expected date you will be able to go home.

  • Discharge involves you, your family or carers working with the hospital team in determining your needs on return to your usual life following hospital.
  • On admission, please inform nursing staff if you currently have visiting community nurses or any community home support is in place.

Canterbury Hospital offers an extensive range of services that can address your discharge planning needs. Some of the services that can be arranged following your discharge include Community nursing, Chronic Care support services (such as respiratory and Cardiac Chronic Care), Meals on Wheels, equipment loans, Rehabilitation services, Homecare and Outpatient appointments.

If you have any concerns about managing at home or work after your discharge from the hospital please raise these concerns with ward staff or your doctor who can arrange for you to seen by staff that may be able to assist with your concerns.

Medications commenced or changed during your hospital stay that need to be continued will be given to you on your discharge. Medications are only prescribed for five (3-5) days after discharge; further prescriptions for these medications will need to be obtained from your GP.

Discuss the medications with your doctors or pharmacist so you understand why, when and how to take them.

Medical Certificates
Medical certificates can be obtained from the medical team involved in your care.

Discharge Letter and X-rays
A letter summarising your hospital admission will be given to you on discharge to give to your GP. Please obtain private x-rays and scans from ward staff on discharge.

Outpatient Appointments
On discharge, an outpatient appointment for follow up care may be made for you. When you return to the hospital for the appointment please bring your appointment card, Medicare Card and/or Pension Entitlement Card with you.