Visiting Arrangements at Canterbury Hospital

For Patients and Visitors

Visiting Arrangements
Sydney Local Health District supports a patient and family centred approach to care in our hospitals. The people important to you are important to your care. We offer a flexible approach to visiting by family members, friends and loved ones.

We also need to have an environment that supports healing and rest. There may be limitations to visiting, when:

  • The patient is having certain procedures
  • The visit interferes with the patient's care or a patient in the shared room
  • There are too many people in the room
  • There is a chance of infection
  • Privacy or rest is required for the patient or the patient sharing the room.

Please talk to our staff about our Partners in Care initiative.

Hot and cold food and other items are available from the Cafeteria on Level 2.

Underground parking is available but you will have to pay. You can take the lift from the car park to all levels of the hospital. There are parking spaces for people with a disability near the lifts. There are also some parking spaces out the front of the hospital for people with a disability but there are limits on the time you can stay there. Fines will be issued if you stay over these limits. There is also 2 hour parking in Tudor Street.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones must be turned off while in the hospital as this could cause problems with medical equipment.

Toilets are available on every floor of the hospital. There are also toilets with wheelchair access on levels 2 and 3.

Code of Behaviour
Violence and swearing will not be accepted. Our Security staff are on duty at all times.

Help reduce the spread of infection
We ask all visitors in the hospital to have good hygiene habits to prevent the spread of infection. Please wash your hands with the hand rub provided in many areas around the hospital, before and after visiting a patient. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Please inform staff if you are bringing food from outside.

No Smoking
Canterbury Hospital has a no-smoking policy. We ask that you do not smoke on the hospital grounds in the interest of your health and wellbeing and the health of others.

Clergy Pastoral Care
Please ask the nurse to help you if you have any religious or spiritual needs. The hospital has a chaplaincy service made up of most major religions- you are also free to invite your own minister to visit you. There is a Quiet room on level 3, which is opened 24 hours a day and is for anyone to use regardless of your religion.

Complaints or Compliments
If you have had a good experience at Canterbury hospital we would like to hear from you. If you have any complaints about your treatment or care speak with the Nursing Manager in the first place or the hospital has a Patient Liaison Officer who is happy to speak to you about your complaint. Phone No: 9787 0961

Carer Information
If you are a carer there are many community services to support you - please ask to speak to a social worker on the ward. Do not hesitate to ask the staff if you have any worries.