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SLHD Carers' Program
Carers' Programs were started in NSW Health in 2003. The aim was to improve the response of health services to Carers and the access of Carers to services for both themselves, and the people they care for. Carers are partners in care. The job of the SLHD Carers Program is to ensure issues that are important to Carers are identified by health service staff. This will foster a Carer friendly approach and an environment where Carers' knowledge and skills are respected.

The SLHD Carers Program team:

CHAT newsletter
CHAT newsletter
Ms Kim Brauer

Manager of the SLHD Carers Program
Kim has over 20 years' experience as a social worker.  She has had significant experience in health, both as a counsellor and professional educator.  Kim jointed the SLHD Carers Program in 2016

Ms Caitlin Wheelahan

Carer Project Coordinator
Caitlin joined the Carers Program in early 2012. She has worked in aged care for 14 years, including time in Westmead and Concord Aged Care Assessment Teams. She has also worked in adult rehab and women's health positions. 

Ms Madeline Schmidt

Madeline has thirteen years of experience as a social worker in health services in both Australia and the United Kingdom.  She has significant experience working with clients and families in neurorehabilitation services.   Madeline joined the Carers Program as a Project Coordinator in 2017
Ms Shalini Singh

Administrative Officer
Shalini has over 15 years of experience as an administration officer. Shalini has significant experience in health and had joined SLHD in 2007. Shalini joined SLHD Carers program in 2016.

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