Carers Program
Carers Program

Carer Friendly Spaces

Information for Staff who are Carers

Concord Centre for Mental Health:

Manning and Manning East Family Room
This family friendly room is a safe and welcoming place for families to spend time with relatives who are in hospital because of a mental illness. There are activities for children and teens and Carers can also browse the resources available on mental health matters, take copies for reference or to make contact with organisations that provide further support.

Norton Family Unit, Concord Centre for Mental Health: 
This is also a safe, family friendly room to be used by Carers, families and children visiting a relative


Sister Alison Bush Lounge
This family friendly space is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander relatives and family, especially those visiting from rural and regional areas. Carers and family members can have some time out to relax, prepare some food for themselves, and find helpful information.

Accredited Carer Employer