Carers Program
Carers Program

Money Matters

Financial Supports for Carers
As a Carer, you may be eligible for a Carer Payment. This payment is similar to an Aged Pension. You may also be eligible for a Carer Allowance which is a regular fortnightly sum paid in acknowledgement for the extra costs Carers may have like petrol, medications or electricity. Carer Allowance requires you to complete an application form with Centrelink and meet eligibility criteria about the things you do for the person for whom you care and the amount of time providing care.

Contact Centrelink on 13 27 27 or see Important Links.

Once you reach the Medicare expenditure threshold you may become eligible for the Medicare Safety Net to cover things like out-of-hospital visits or tests such as:

  • GP /Specialist consultations
  • Blood tests
  • CT scans , x-rays or ultrasounds
  • Pap smears
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiotherapy

For annual thresholds and eligibility see Important Links.

For working Carers, see the fact sheet on Working Carers in A Carer Can be under Who is a Carer? and Important Links below

Long Term Financial Planning
Caring can have a serious impact on your long term financial situation such as your ability to manage a mortgage or to make superannuation contributions. If you are facing other financial difficulties or trying to avoid them in the future, the Salvation Army MoneyCare services may be able to help with a nil interest loan. Visit their Community Welfare Centre at 30 Anglo Road, Campsie NSW, phone 02 9787 2333 or see Important Links

Superannuation cannot generally be accessed before you are 55 years old. However, in circumstances, based on specified compassionate grounds and severe financial hardship you can apply for money to be released early. For release conditions see Important Links:

Important Links

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