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Carers Program


Patient/Client Privacy in Our Hospitals and Health Services
Patient Privacy is very important and in NSW there are strict laws in place to ensure this privacy is protected.

Sometimes Carers can feel frustrated if Local Health District staff are unable to give you information about the person you are caring for or are unable to discuss their care when they are hospitalised or receiving treatment at a health facility such as a Community Health Centre.

In most cases this can be resolved by;

  • Getting permission from the patient (the person for whom you care) for staff to speak with you and;
  • Making sure that this permission is recorded and that staff know this permission has been given.

See Important Links. This takes you to resources for Carers on the NSW Health internet website. Scroll down to Patient Privacy: A Guide for Carers and Family. This provides information on how and when health staff can share patient information and how the patient and their Carer can help health staff to share patient information.  The pamphlet is downloadable in Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese and English.

Important Links

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