Carers Program
Carers Program

Transport and Parking in SLHD

Hospital Transport Maps
Each facility has a Transport Access Guide (TAG) that can help you find:

  • Our services by public transport,
  • Patient drop off spots,
  • Visitor and disabled parking when coming by car.

Parking Concessions and eligibility
Parking Concessions are now available for eligible patients and their Carers who require regular or long term hospitalisation and/ or treatment

Who is eligible for concessional care parking?
Patients and Carers who hold the following Concession cards

  • RMA issued Mobility Parking Scheme permit
  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Gold Veterans Affairs Card
  • Health Care Card

Identification must be in the form of the applicable government issued permit or card.
Photo Identification must be presented to claim concession.

Other Eligible concessions - Authorisation form applies:

  • ongoing cancer treatment patients
  • patients and their carers who are required to attend the hospital/facility for a course of treatment over a period of time greater than one week
  • patients and their carers attending more frequently than twice weekly, including carers of long term patients who visit frequently
  • cardiac rehabilitation education and exercise class attendees
  • daily dressing outpatients
  • Health Promotion education class attendees.

How do you claim your concession rate?
Prior to returning to the car park, eligible patrons are required to present their parking ticket, together with photo identification and concession card or signed Authorisation form to designated locations.
Ring switchboard of regular hospital to identify locations or ask staff members.

Concession Rates
0-3 hours                                            Free
>3 hours,                                            $5.60    Single visit one exit per 24 hour period
3 day ticket                                         $11.30 Multiple entries and exits in a 3 day period.
7 day ticket                                         $22.60 Multiple entries and exits in a 7 day period.

NSW Health Concessional Car Parking Fees at NSW Public Hospitals

Concessional parking - Concord General Repatriation Hospital

Community Health Services and Other Facilities
Parking at most community-based facilities is free but parking spaces may be limited. If you are visiting a Community Health Service for the first time it is a good idea to ring and check about parking and/or public transport first.     

Important Links

Community Transport
Community Transport is available for those over 65 yrs., people with disabilities and Carers of these people.  Be sure to book ahead.

Contact Inner West Community Transport on 9745 5800
Contact Leichhardt Community Transport on 9558 6800

Isolated Patients' Travel & Accommodation Assistance Scheme (IPTAAS)
If you live outside SLHD and have to travel 100kms or more to access specialist medical treatment in our hospitals, travel and accommodation subsidies for patients and carer escorts are available subject to eligibility and making a co-payment. You can download a form at  or ask a Social Worker for assistance and an application form.

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