Carers Program
Carers Program

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Carers make an enormous contribution to our society. This contribution is both social; the care they provide for the people they look after, and economic; the consequent dollar savings they contribute to the nation in providing this care with little or no payment. Commonwealth and State governments have passed Carer Recognition Acts that acknowledge this contribution.

These Acts also place obligations on governments and some other organisations to assist Carers. The NSW Carers (Recognition) Act 2010 requires all public servants including NSW Health Staff to:

  • Be aware of and understand the NSW Carers Charter.
    You can view a copy here.
  • Consult with Carers, or organisations that represent Carers, on significant policy issues that may affect them and;

  • Consider and address the needs of health staff who are Carers in the development of human resource policy

Additionally, Human Service Agencies, of which SLHD is one, must;

  • Ensure their staff reflect the Charter principles in their actions
  • Report on their compliance with the Act annually

All SLHD facilities must also maintain accreditation in regard to National Health Quality and Safety standards. These standards include Carers as consumers and are referred to in most if not all 15 standards. Standard two particularly focuses on the need to consult with Carers.

If you feel you are not being respected or listened to by staff, you have a right to raise this with the staff member or to speak with their manager. If your concerns remain unresolved you can ask to speak to the Patient Representative or make a complaint to the Health Care Complaints Tribunal.

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