Carers Program
Carers Program

Caring for Someone with Cancer

Many people fear the word cancer and what it could mean for their future. Caring for someone with cancer is still a frightening prospect, despite advances in cancer treatment in recent times. You and the person for whom you care may experience feelings of anxiety and uncertainty about the diagnosis and future outcome (prognosis) of the disease. As a Carer, you could have concerns about the treatments that the person for whom you care will receive, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and how this will affect their immediate wellbeing.

Gaining more information about the disease and what it involves could be helpful. For information on all cancer types, see Important Links.

Caring for someone with cancer can take a physical and emotional toll on your health as a Carer. Some Carers of people with cancer report that their level of stress can sometimes be as high as it is for the person with cancer. The Cancer Council has a wide range of resources and practical and emotional support available to help both Carers and cancer sufferers. These can benefit you both physically and emotionally. They include fact sheets, telephone support and cancer information programs. See Important Links for more information on support available.

Face to face support groups for people with cancer and their Carers can also be another useful way to gain support, as you could link up with people experiencing a similar situation. They can be good venues for developing friendships, sharing ideas and thoughts and normalising a difficult situation. The Cancer Council can help connect you to local groups. Call 13 11 20 for more information or see Important Links

Cancer Connectionsis a moderated, online peer-support community where patients, partners, family and friends, young adults and survivors share their story, meet and connect with others, discuss tips and experiences and find, give and receive support. See Important Links

The Cancer Council also has other information about services for Carers, including:

  • Financial and legal assistance to Carers/cancer patients on matters such as powers of attorney, access to superannuation, wills, restructuring finances;
  • Help with workplace issues– all provided free through links with law firms and financial bodies;
  • Training courses for Carers who want to run cancer support groups locally;
  • Living well after cancer workshops/programs.

Cancer Care for CALD Carers
When you don't speak English well, knowing what questions to ask can be difficult. Many Cancer treatment options are now available. To help patients and Carers find information they need the NSW Cancer Institute has prepared question prompt lists that have been translated into 20 languages.

SLHD Cancer Services
District Cancer Services run out of RPA (Sydney Cancer Services) and Concord Hospitals (Concord Cancer Centre). They provide a range of assistance for people being treated for cancer, their families and cancer survivors living within the community. See Important Links.

Important Links:
Cancer Council - Cancer Information
Concord Cancer Center

The information on these web pages is drawn from Cancer Council NSW's website

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