Carers Program
Carers Program

Support for Staff Carers

Balancing the role of working and caring can present Carers with significant challenges. There is legislation to ensure that carers are supported in the workplace, this includes flexible work practices for which all carers have the right to apply.

Read one staff carer’s story about how her manager supports her to balance carer responsibilities with her work at the District.

Flexible Working arrangements

Flexible working can ease Staff Carer’s challenges balancing work with responsibilities at home. Options could include:

  • temporary reduction in hours
  • job sharing
  • short-term leave
  • shift-swapping
  • working from home
  • variation of working hours (TIRA)
  • career breaks

Exploring the flexible work options available to you starts with a conversation with your manager.

For more information about different options, refer to the Flexible Working Guidelines on the Workforce Services intranet site

Leave entitlements for carers

Staff Carers get the same leave entitlements as other District employees. The District’s leave policy is guided by the NSW Health leave policy explained in the NSW Health publication Leave Matters for the NSW Health Service

Some of these leave entitlements may help you meet your caring responsibilities outside work:

For more information about leave entitlements go to the District Workforce Services intranet site.

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