Carers Program
Carers Program
Information for Staff who are Carers

Information for Staff who are Carers

At least 1,000 SLHD staff are likely to be caring forsomeone at home or elsewhere, outside their working hours.

Under the terms of the NSW Carers (Recognition) Act 2010, all PublicService and Human Service Agencies MUST support their staff who are Carersby ensuring that the "agency's internal human resources policies, sofar as they may significantly affect the role of a member of staff of theagency as a Carer, are to be developed having due regard to the NSW CarersCharter".

In plainer English, this means that an agency's human resource policies thatmay affect a staff member who is a Carer should be developed so that theyreflect the principles of the NSW Carers Charter.

As it is both a Public Service agency and a Human Service Agency,this clause in the Act applies to Sydney Local Health District.

As well,under anti-discrimination law you may not be treated unfairly or harassedbecause of your responsibilities as a carer. (Please note that anti-discriminationlaw generally uses the term "carer" to mean anybody looking aftertheir own child, the child of a partner, an adult for whom they are the legalguardian or a member of their immediate family - NOT a Carer as it is used onthese web pages i.e. a person looking after someone (regardless of age) who hasa disability, a chronic illness or who is frail aged.)

For someyears now, National Employment Standards have also specified the right of aworker to ask to work from home if they have pre-schoolers or a disabled child.In 2013 this right was extended to all Carers defined under the CommonwealthCarer Recognition Act.

Leave Entitlements for Carers
There are noextra leave entitlements for Carers to which other LHD employees are notentitled.
However, itis important for you to be aware of Leave entitlements that may help you tomeet your caring responsibilities outside work:

  • Family and Community Services Leave (FACS)
  • Personal Carers Leave (PCL)

FACS Leave and PCL are available to all staff of SLHD. FACSleave should be taken before you can access PCL.  PCL is deducted from your Sick Leaveentitlement.

To access more information about Leave entitlements go to NSWHealth internet (NSW Health Service Leave Matters Manual), and SLHDWorkforce Services website (Workforce Fact Sheets and Brochures) (see Important Links).

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