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Consumer and Community Participation

Here in Sydney Local Health District, our consumers are part of the family – they form the rich fabric of the District and help us to achieve our vision of delivering excellence in healthcare for all. They are dedicated, enthusiastic, fun and work hard to ensure that the patient voice is always close by with all of the decisions that we make.

Consumer and community participation is about involving people who use health services in making decisions about health services. That can mean a wide range of things. It is about people being involved and making decisions about their own health care – such as what treatment options to take or which service to use. It involves people being part of health service planning such as providing input in to health care policy, giving feedback and sharing ideas about how health care is delivered and what priorities are worked on.

We also know that we need to involve consumers and community groups in all of our decisions and day to day business to make sure we build services which are suitable for all members of our diverse community. We need your voice to make sure we continue to provide excellent healthcare for everyone.

We work in partnership with our consumers and community groups to deliver the best healthcare services to our patients and their families. We do this by involving consumers and community groups in:

  • Being active partners in making decisions about their own healthcare
  • Encouraging consumers to provide feedback about their experience with our services and making changes based on that feedback
  • Involving consumers and community groups in our advisory groups, committees, project teams and councils across the organisation
  • Asking consumers and community groups to provide expert feedback and input in to service planning, design, delivery and evaluation
  • Working with our community to improve health literacy and health promotion.

Consumer A consumer is defined as anyone who is an actual or potential user of health care such as a patient in a hospital, a client who visits a community health centre or a person who goes to their doctor for treatment. The term also includes a person's family, friends or carers. A consumer is anyone who uses our services.

Community are made up of groups of individuals with shared qualities, ideas, characteristics and interests. These may include culture, language, religion, beliefs, geographic location, gender or profession. Individuals may identify with more than one community and may represent a variety of interests. We use the word community when talking about a group of people.

We need you to be involved in our health service. Opportunities to participate include, joining in forums, sitting as a member of a health care committee, being a project team member, providing feedback to services or being an active advisory committee member.

If you would like to be involved, please get in contact with us. Our website is under development, so check back soon for more information or contact:

Manager, Consumer and Community Participation
Sydney Local Health District
9515 9622
Address: PO Box M30, Missenden Road, Camperdown NSW 2050
(Hearing impaired people may like to phone these numbers through the National Relay Service on 1300 850 115)

Consumer and Community Participation Coordinators

Canterbury Hospital

Sue Baker 9787 0893
0472 826 500
Concord Hospital

Peta Macfarlane 9767 6038
RPA Hospital

Lara Leibbrandt 0459 859119
9515 5120
Balmain Hospital/
Community Health

Nicholas Bates 9515 9650

The Consumer and Community Participation Framework is available here.