Child Protection Training

In addition to the corporate orientation, all relevant health workers (medical, nursing and allied health staff) employed in the following services will be provided with an additional full day of training in the principles of recognition and reporting of child abuse and neglect and their responsibilities under legislative requirements. All relevant health workers are required to attend this one day core child protection training within 3 months of commencing employment.

If you work for the following services you are required to attend the additional one day child protection training:

  • Community Health (including Child, Adolescent and Family Health Services; Early childhood services; Youth services; Sexual Assault Services; Sexual health services);
  • Emergency Departments;
  • Adult Mental Health Services;
  • Drug Health Services;
  • Paediatric services (in-patient and outpatient);
  • Domestic Violence services;
  • Maternity services;
  • Children's dental services;
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services;
  • Aboriginal Health services;
  • All home visiting services;
  • Hospital social workers;
  • Other professionals working directly with children;
  • Other adults services where health professionals have significant contact with adults who have children in their care (such as health care interpreters and home visiting services);
  • Partnerships and subcontracted services by S & SWSLHD that work with children and young people;

If you are unsure about your mandatory child protection training requirements or have any other questions or additional training requests please contact Child Protection on (02) 9378 1281.

Child Protection Training Dates
Child Protection Training Application Form

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