Information for Managers

Manager Orientation Responsibilities

At interview:

Upon new appointee starting:

  • Ensure that new employees are released to attend the one day facility orientation program and the nursing and midwifery orientation (as required)
  • Provide departmental orientation that meets the aspects of the SLHD Departmental Orientation Checklist
  • Ensure that new employees complete the online orientation pathway within the required timeframes
  • Check with new employees to ensure that they have not found the content of the Child Protection online course distressing. The new employee can be advised to contact the Child Protection Team or EAP if additional support is required.
  • Ensure that staff who should attend the one day face-to-face child protection course are aware of this responsibility and have registered for a course.
  • Send a copy of the completed checklist to your facility HR department.

For more information please review the Orientation Guide for Managers and the other supporting documents.

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