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Concord hospital maintains strong links to the veteran community, and is a tertiary referral centre for burns and laparoscopic upper GI surgery, in addition to vascular, thoracic, neurosurgery, orthopaedic, ophthalmic, urologic, ENT, dental, plastic and colorectal surgery.

The Department provides anaesthesia services to an 11-theatre operating suite, along with a separate burns specialty theatre, with approximately 13,000 cases per year.

Services are provided outside of the operating theatre complex for complex endoscopic procedures, electro-convulsive therapy, MRI and cardiac procedures.

Areas of special interest include anaesthesia services for thoracic, vascular, burns, laparoscopic upper GI, colorectal and neurosurgery.

The Department is accredited by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists for specialist training in all 5 years of the fellowship program, and acts as the centre of a training scheme which includes secondments to Nepean, RPAH, Canterbury, Campbelltown, Orange, and NCH. Both registrars and senior residents are seconded to terms in the intensive care unit.

Pre-operative Assessment
Pre-operative assessment allows us to optimise a patient’s condition prior to surgery, in order to reduce and manage risks.

Dedicated clinics operate 5 days a week, where patients are assessed by an anaesthetist, nurses, and other relevant staff. Other arrangements are available to assess patients who are unable to attend the clinic. A staff specialist anaesthetist serves as Director of Preadmission Clinic.

Over 90% of patients are admitted on the day of surgery via the peri-operative unit - either as day of surgical admissions or as day-stay patients.

Acute Pain Management
The acute pain service makes over 6500 peri-operative visits per year, and provides 24 hour support to inpatients. There is active training of registrars and senior residents.

Acute Pain Service Guidelines are published on our intranet site for the use of Concord Anaesthetic Departmental staff.

Chronic Pain Management

The Inpatient Pain Management Service is an inpatient service only.

A referral to the Pain Clinic can be made, by a medical practitioner, with a written referral stating the patient's medical diagnosis (not 'chronic pain' or 'arm pain' etc.), a brief history and brief summary of investigative findings. Inclusion of such information will greatly facilitate our triage process.

Once a referral is received, patients will be sent a questionnaire for triage purposes. The patient must complete the questionnaire and return this to the Pain Clinic in order to confirm their intent to attend. Following receipt of the questionnaire, an appointment will be arranged. No appointments will be offered unless the questionnaire is returned. Patients having difficulty with the questionnaire should ask their GPs or contact the Pain Clinic for assistance (telephone 02 9767 7830 9am to 4 pm Mon to Fri).

A waiting list exists at the Concord Hospital Pain Clinic similar to other Pain Clinics in Sydney.

For urgent advice, medical colleagues only may ring the chronic pain consultant on their mobile phones through hospital switch board. Pain Clinic patients may ring the clinic on 02 9767 7830 or fax to 02 9767 7841 for all enquiries and to obtain advice.

Existing Pain Clinic patients should consider their GPs as first contact point for advice.

New patients who seek urgent appointments should ask their referring doctor to contact the Pain Clinic directly on their behalf to expedite the referral process.

The Pain Clinic's philosophy is to co-manage patients with GPs and other colleagues rather than taking over care completely. Therefore, medical colleagues are welcome to contact the Pain Clinic to obtain preliminary advice prior to referring a patient, to discuss the care plan of a Pain Clinic patient or to obtain urgent advice.

Referral Form - Outpatient

Chronic Pain Referral
Chronic Pain Referral Form