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Support from a dedicated Cancer Care Coordinator

We need your support - How you can help Should you be diagnosed with a blood cancer, the Haematology Department has a dedicated Cancer Care Coordinator/Clinical Nurse Consultant who will be involved in all facets of your care including consultation, treatment plans and outcomes.

Your Care Coordinator will be available to guide and assist you with your treatment pathway. This is your main point of contact for any questions that you may have and the person who will introduce you to patient services. Your Coordinator will be continually involved in your care, including scheduling treatments, blood tests and scans.

If you need to undergo chemotherapy treatment, you will be invited to a chemotherapy education session conducted by the Cancer Care Coordinator before you start your treatment.

This session will provide information and advice in relation to:

  • what you need to do to prepare for treatment
  • travel arrangements
  • recovery time post treatment
  • side effects associated with treatment and suggested management techniques
  • diet

Your Care Coordinator can also refer you to other services as required such as social workers, psychologists, dieticians and financial assistance if needed.

For patients undergoing a stem cell transplant, the dedicated Transplant Nurse Practitioner will guide and support you through the stem cell harvesting process and transplant journey.

You can contact the Cancer Care Coordinator/Clinical Nurse Consultant on (02) 9767 5751 or (02) 9767 5000 and ask for Pager 60250.