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The Haematology and Ambulatory Care Unit (HACU) - for outpatients

We need your support - How you can help Concord Hospital’s Haematology and Ambulatory Care Unit (HACU) is located at Ground Floor East (near the Clinics/Consultation Rooms). The aim of HACU is to provide treatment for patients during the day, so they can remain in their own homes and be supported by their families, without the need to be admitted to hospital. HACU provides 16 specialist treatment areas for Haematology outpatients.

You may need to spend time in HACU if you require chemotherapy, a blood transfusion, antibody infusion, platelet infusion or rapid iron infusion. Patients requiring bone marrow biopsies or stem cell harvesting are also treated in HACU. If you require a blood test, it will be conducted in HACU during your visit for treatment.

HACU nurses spend the time to get to know all their patients and provide you with the best level of personalised care possible. You also have access to our Haematology Specialists, as required, during your visit for treatment.

With the overall aim of keeping patients out of Hospital and providing patients with treatment as an outpatient, HACU also facilitates support that you might need from a range of other health care professionals, including social workers, aged care assessment teams, psychologists and dieticians.

Patients participating in Clinical Trials through Concord Haematology’s Clinical Research Unit are also treated in HACU, with medications administered and monitored there.

Apart from treating Haematology patients, HACU also delivers infusions for patients with renal, gastrological, neurological or immune conditions.

Operating Hours

HACU operates Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 6.00pm. If you are already being treated through HACU, you can telephone during these hours for information and advice. You can also come to HACU for assistance and advice, any time before 3pm.

If you are not well on the weekend, we advise you to go to your GP or come to the Hospital’s Emergency Department – do not wait until HACU opens again on Monday.

Nurse In Charge Tel: (02) 9767 7893     Secretary Tel: (02) 9767 5550