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Ward 5 East - for inpatients

We need your support - How you can helpWard 5 East is located on Level 5 of Concord Hospital (Main Building). It provides 24 beds, as well as four HEPA filtration rooms, for both Haematology and Oncology inpatients. The HEPA filtration rooms provide additional protection against infection for patients with suppressed immunity, recovering from stem cell transplants or chemotherapy, through the circulation of filtered, clean air.

It is a mixed ward for both men and women, however, patient privacy is preserved through male-only and female-only patient bays. Ward 5 East also provides short-term palliative care for patients towards the end of their life, however, most of these patients are now cared for at the Hospital’s new Palliative Care Unit

If you are a Haematology patient, you may need to be admitted to Ward 5 East if:

  • you are undergoing medical treatment or investigations
  • you have a blood cancer and require intensive chemotherapy
  • you are recovering from stem cell harvesting and transplantation

For more information for Ward 5 East patients and their visitors, read the Concord Haematology Information for our Patients booklet.