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Concord Haematology - world class care, locally

The Haematology Department at Concord Cancer Centre, Concord Hospital provides world-class treatment and care for patients with blood cancers and other blood disorders, such as anaemia and blood clotting issues. There are no out-of-pocket costs for Medicare eligible patients. We are committed to providing timely care - all referrals received from General Practitioners are assessed within 24 hours. Patients are then provided with appointments, in order of medical need.

Our patients benefit greatly from the care offered by our Multi Disciplinary team, which includes Haematologists, Pathologists, Radiologists, Radiation Oncologists, Allied Health Clinicians and Clinical Research Staff. We all work closely together to ensure a coordinated, holistic approach to patient treatment. The team meets weekly for a documented, peer review of patients and their care. This approach sets Concord Haematology apart as a leading provider of comprehensive blood cancer care in Australia. Timely communication with the referring General Practitioner is also a hallmark of our care.

Multi Disciplinary Team

Our unique Multi Disciplinary Team model delivers exceptional benefits for our patients. It is an essential tool in the diagnosis and treatment of patients and delivers an efficient process for quality, documented, multidisciplinary peer review of our patients with blood cancers.

At Concord Haematology the core members of our Multi Disciplinary Team are:

  • Clinical and Laboratory Haematologists
  • Anatomical Pathologists
  • Radiologists
  • Radiation Oncologist
  • Clinical Care and Transplant Coordinators
  • Clinical Research Staff
  • Allied Health Staff

How our Multi Disciplinary Team works:

    Multi Disciplinary Team
  • On a weekly basis, our Haematology Specialists complete a comprehensive Summary Document on each of their patients with blood cancer, including their diagnostic work-up and proposed management.
  • The entire Multi Disciplinary Team meets every Thursday morning, with each patient's current condition presented by the treating Specialist.
  • The Team reviews and discusses the proposed management and care of each patient.
  • The Summary Document is verified and filed, with a copy mailed to the referring GP. This also becomes part of the patient's electronic medical record. 
  • The entire team also undertakes inpatient Ward rounds together on Thursdays. This may seem daunting, with a dozen people visiting patients at their bedside to continue their discussion of their care, however, it is very helpful for the various members of the medical team, especially for the Haematologists who may need to care for different patients when they are on-call. This brief weekly visit greatly assists our team to deliver personalised care to each patient.

The Multi Disciplinary Team model has been extremely successful in delivering quality peer review for our patients and shared patient care.

Medical Research - from bench to bedside

At Concord Haematology we also conduct-world leading laboratory and clinical research to develop and access innovative therapies for patients with Leukaemia, Myeloma, Thrombosis and other blood disorders, providing a better quality of life and a greater hope for a cure for our patients.

Find out more about our Medical Research and how you can assist.