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Anatomical Pathology

Provides a full diagnostic service for routine histopathological examination as well as specialised services such as frozen sections, fine needle aspiration, post mortem and electron microscopy.


Provides diagnostic services in all areas of Andrology including male infertility, androgen deficiency and elective sperm cryostorage.


Specializes in fast turnaround time pathology testing required for the management of critically ill patients and those needing immediate attention. Also performs highly technical and scientific assays including endocrinology, microbiology serology, and provides a premier statewide service for alcohol biomarkers.

Blood Transfusion

Provides blood grouping and screening, antibody detection and cross matching of blood. Also provides information and guidelines for transfusion practices and blood products.

Diagnostic Pathology The Diagnostic Pathology Unit is the largest laboratory at Concord Hospital and provides rapid turn-around-time blood results for the management of critically ill patients and those needing immediate results.

Flow Cytometry

Provides flow cytometric analysis of cells for diagnosis of haematological malignancies and also for blood cell transplants.


Provides clinical and diagnostic services relating to non-malignant and malignant haematological conditions.


Provides clinical and diagnostic microbiological services.

Blood Collection

Provides pathology collection services both inpatients and outpatients. A Home Blood Collection service is also available.

Molecular Medicine

Provides broad range of genetic  testing for neurodegenerative disorders including Charcot-Tooth-Marie neuropathy, motor neuron disease, spastic paraplegia, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease and ataxia.