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Inpatient Unit: Ward 4 North, Multi-Building

In-Centre Haemodialysis: Ward 4 North, Multi-Building

Satellite Haemodialysis: Level 3, Medical Centre

Public Renal Outpatient Clinics: Levels 2 and 3, Medical Centre

Kidney Biopsy: Interventional Radiology, Level 1, Multi-Building

Renal Supportive Care Clinic (Dr Katalin Urban): Level 3, Medical Centre

Preparation for Dialysis: Vascular Pre-Admission Clinic, Level 4, Medical Centre

Home Haemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis Training Unit: Building 12, RPAH

Clinical Trials: Ward 4 West, Multi-Building, & Level 2 and 3, Medical Centre

Outpatient clinics

General Nephrology: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Urgent Referrals can be accommodated same day

Renal Supportive Care (Palliative Care Physician): Tuesday

Kidney Biopsy: Daily, on-demand

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (Private): Tuesday and Thursday

Patient Education: Daily, on-demand and 3rd monthly group sessions

General Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis/Transplantation Preparation