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Concord Repatriation General Hospital
Concord Repatriation General Hospital

Veterans' Services - About Us

Concord Hospital has always been identified by returning servicemen and women as “their hospital”.

Concord continues to provide out and  in-patient treatment for veterans and eligible dependants. As a teaching hospital affiliated to the University of Sydney, it ensures that the needs of veterans are an integral part of educating the next generation of medical practitioners.

Concord is home to a unique service for the veteran community, the Veterans’ Day Centre. The centre operates five days a week, providing social work, occupational therapy, psychology and psychiatry services for veterans and war widows. Referrals are made across the state.

The hospital has a number of research programs focussing on the needs of the veteran community. These include research into degenerative and genetic diseases and on the difficulties faced by an ageing population.

The ANZAC Research Institute was conceived as part of the “Australia Remembers” WWII commemoration of 1995 and has been operating since 2000.  It aims to co-ordinate the highest quality innovative research at all levels from cell and molecular biology and physiology, to clinical research as well as public and population health. It is appropriate that a research institute which is being recognized increasingly for its pioneering work should be named ANZAC - reflecting its links to the hospital and its origins.

The National Centre for Veterans’ Healthcare opened at Concord Hospital in 2019 and is the first service of its kind in Australia to provide a holistic approach to caring for Australia’s veterans. NCVH is an outpatient service, combining specialised clinical services to support the mental health, physical health and psychosocial needs of each veteran.

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