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Main: (02) 9767 5769
CCPC: 9767 8266 or 9767 8230
CRG Hospital Switch: (02) 9767 5000
Concord Repatriation General Hospital
Hospital Rd, Concord NSW 2139

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Our vision
Committed to excellence in cancer care and research.

Our mission
Concord Cancer Centre provides patients and their families with high quality, patient-centred care. Our aim is to integrate our cancer research into the progressive application of new evidence-based therapies.

You and your family are at the centre of the decision making and planning. A range of support and education services is available, mindful and respectful of individual needs and choices.

Our services
Concord Cancer Centre provides equitable access to cancer services to all patients within Sydney Local Health District – services that are comprehensive, timely, innovative, state-of-the-art and evidence-based. This includes medical and radiation oncology, surgery, survivorship programs and palliative care. We're proud of our:

Our research
We integrate clinical trials into routine patient care to improve care and patient outcomes. We collaborate with medical research institutes to discover new approaches to addressing cancer aetiology (causes), care and outcomes. Find out more about our research >

Cancer care today

The five-year cancer survival rate in NSW is on par with the best health systems in the world and is continuing to improve. The cancer landscape is rapidly changing, with significant developments in cancer screening and diagnostics, treatment and palliative care.

We have already seen:

There is also now an increasing focus on providing integrated care services through multidisciplinary teams, cancer survivorship programs and patient and carer empowerment.

In addition, new models of care and virtual care are likely to revolutionise cancer care over the next five years. We are committed to patient-centred, culturally and linguistically respectful care to our local population, throughout their cancer journey.

A message from the director

'My role, along with the Deputy Director, is to ensure our patients have access to the best cancer and palliative care services available, by overseeing Cancer Services and Palliative Care across Sydney Local Health District.

Concord Cancer Centre is committed to excellence in cancer care and research, provides first class cancer treatment and is a research leader in a number of cancer-related areas.

In late 2021, the Concord Cancer Centre will move to its new building. It will become Concord Hospital's first truly comprehensive multidisciplinary service, including radiation oncology, PET scanning and a clinical research facility.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the socio-economic environment and health of the nation, New South Wales and our District. It has also provided opportunities to revolutionise the way we provide care to patients by speeding up innovation and supporting new models of care.

Along with our talented Cancer Executive Team, we endeavour to provide support and ongoing collaboration opportunities with our outstanding cancer colleagues across the District and within Concord Cancer Centre. Together, we're committed to facilitating world-class, comprehensive, patient-centred cancer care at Concord Hospital.'

Ilona Cunningham Ghauri Aggarwal
Clinical Associate Professor Ilona Cunningham
Clinical Director, Cancer Services and Palliative Care
Associate Professor Ghauri Aggarwal
Deputy Director, Cancer Services and Palliative Care