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Cancer Genetic Service

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The Cancer Genetic Service provides information to individuals and their family where there is concern about the family history of cancer.

If there is an increased risk of cancer for family members, strategies to reduce the chance of cancer developing and methods of detecting it early are discussed. An appropriate cancer screening program is advised.

Sometimes genetic testing is possible to help assess the risk of cancer more accurately. This is offered with genetic counselling to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of genetic testing for the person and their family.

Family members who are affected by cancer and those who have not been affected are able to attend for advice.

An appointment with the Cancer Genetic Service can be arranged by sending a referral to either:

Concord Oncology Department Fax: (02) 9767 7934 or by mailing

Cancer Genetics Service
Gloucester House
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Missenden Rd
Camperdown 2050

Once the referral has been received, a member of the Cancer Genetic Service will contact the person to ask about their family history and then arrange a clinic appointment.