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Head of Department and Deputy Director Cardiovascular Stream
Professor Len Kritharides

Director of CCU and Interventions
Professor David Brieger

Director of Cardiac Cath lab
A/Professor Harry Lowe

Director of Heart Failure Clinic
A/Professor Andrew Sindone

Director of Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic
Dr Tommy Chung

Director of Coronary Physiology
A/Professor Andy Yong

Dr Hany Abed
A/Professor Michael Kilborn
Dr Raymond Sy
Dr Maros Elsik

Staff Cardiologists
Dr Suchitra Chandar
Dr Vincent Chow
Dr Kevin Fung
Dr Mark Herman
Dr Seymour Maze
Dr Christopher Naoum
Dr Austin Ng
Dr Probal Roy

Visiting Cardiologists
Dr Paul Davis
Professor Ben Freedman
Dr Vincent Khoury
Dr Nidhi Patel
Dr Mario Savvides
A/Professor John Yiannikas