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Our Services

Chaplains offer comfort and support by responding to personal and spiritual needs through listening, counselling, prayer and sacraments. Each individual is met at their point of need, respecting confidentiality in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance. The Chaplains are very willing to answer questions about spiritual issues and to explain aspects of the Christian faith. However, their first aim is to come to people where they are, to accompany them, and to encourage and help them move forward, if that is what they are ready to do.

In line with the new measures announced as part of the response to COVID-19, services at the 113th AGH Chapel are suspended until further notice.

Chapel Services are advertised and conducted usually as follows:

Sunday 08.30am (resumes Sunday, November 13th) &
12.00 Noon
Catholic Mass
Monday  12 Noon Catholic Mass
Tuesday  12 Noon (resumes Tuesday, November 15th) Catholic Mass
Tuesday 01.00pm Bible Fellowship
Friday 07.45am Prayer Gathering
Friday 12 Noon Catholic Mass

Our Ecumenical Chapel is open each day from 6.30am to 8.00pm for quiet prayer and reflection, as a reminder of God's welcoming love for all people.

 If the Chapel is locked, contact Security on 9767 6224 to gain admission.