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Concord Repatriation General Hospital
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Concord Repatriation General Hospital

Working at Concord Hospital

Concord Repatriation General Hospital
At Concord Hospital, we pride ourselves on delivering Excellence in Patient Care with a dynamic and rewarding workplace for our staff. Our loyal and committed staff help us deliver this outstanding care and we work hard to foster a positive and constructive organisational culture. We are also growing to meet the needs of our community, opening new facilities like the Concord Centre for Palliative Care.

We offer a variety of work across our clinical streams of medicine, nursing and allied health as well as the administrative, technical, operational, scientific and trade streams. You can view the latest vacancies at the NSW Health Online Recruitment System. At Concord Hospital, we value:


  • We are an organisation that believes in its people and is people centred.
  • Our leaders are role models for our core values and they are accountable.
  • We willingly work in teams to provide excellent levels of care.
  • Our teams are strong and successful because we all contribute and always seek ways to improve.
  • We encourage and recognise outstanding performance.


  • We want our community to have confidence in their local health services.
  • We foster greater confidence and cooperation through open communication.
  • Our performance is open to public scrutiny through patient and employee surveys.
  • We welcome and use feedback as a tool to do better.
  • We encourage those around us to speak up and voice their ideas as well as their concerns by making it clear that speaking up is worthwhile and valued.
  • We communicate clearly and with integrity.


  • We never lose sight of our patients’ fundamental right to be treated with dignity, compassion and respect.
  • We listen to patients, the community and each other.
  • We welcome new ideas and ways of doing things to improve patient care.
  • We treat our colleagues and patients with dignity and respect, and care about those around us.
  • Each of us is responsible for workplace culture and performance.
  • We have zero tolerance for bullying and no-one, no matter how senior, is exempt.


  • We encourage and support local decision making and innovation.
  • We accept that with local decision making comes responsibility and accountability.
  • We make best use of resources and experience to meet patient and community expectations.
  • While we seek direction from our leaders, we believe that everyone is empowered to make a difference in our workplace.
  • As individuals, we can improve our workplace culture and performance by addressing issues that hold us back.
  • We strive for individual excellence on behalf of our patients and our teams, and to deliver the best possible care and services.

Working at Concord Hospital

Concord Hospital is a well located, easily accessible facility in the Inner West of Sydney. We have a beautiful campus on the banks of the Parramatta River, green grounds of over 52 acres and a very social campus. Each year there is an action packed events calendar to suit every taste. Concord Hospital Gym (exclusively for staff) is under construction and access to other District Leisure and Fitness activities is included in the membership. This includes group fitness classes, excursions, discount movie tickets and other discount events. 

Salary Packaging is available to staff as a means of reducing their taxable income by packaging non-cash benefits such as home mortgage, personal loan or home rent payments.

Concord Hospital is also a teaching hospital with links to Sydney University and a proud research culture. We are co-located with the ANZAC Research Institute, Asbestos Disease Research Institute, Yaralla House and Concord Centre for Mental Health.

The passion for education and development extends beyond the clinical fields and we are proud to offer our staff a calendar of over 300 courses per year delivered by our District’s in-house Registered Training Organisation (RTO) – the Centre for Education and Workforce Development. Additionally, Concord Hospital is also a proud facility of the Sydney Local Health District who offers scholarships in Masters of Health Management, Doctorate of Health Management and the Graduate Management Trainee Program.

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