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SLHD Guidance Document

SLHD Guidance to Investigators on the conduct of clinical trials and clinical studies during the COVID-19 pandemic:


The guidance in the document relates to all clinical studies including clinical trials and other types of clinical research involving participation of patients or community members.

The Guidelines were developed for use within SLHD by a SLHD COVID-19 Clinical Trials Response Working Group. They will be regularly updated in the light of the evolving national and state guidelines and experience with them within the LHD.

The SLHD is willing to share them with other LHDs and health entities, on the understanding that:

  • SLHD makes no representations that they are appropriate for use outside SLHD
  • The guidelines may change materially from version to version,
  • The timing of the release of new versions, if any, is at the discretion of SLHD

LHDs and others, who receive copies of the guidelines, are asked to forward to SLHD any comments they may have for improving them (to or These may be taken into account in any further revisions of the guidelines.