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Ms Kirsty Chapman
Acting Operations Manager, National Centre for Veterans’ Healthcare

Kirsty Chapman has been nursing for 19 years. She has held multiple roles including Nursing Unit Manager (NUM) of the Emergency Department (ED), Patient Safety and Quality Nurse Manager, After Hours Nurse Manager at RPA and took on a role in the Sydney Local Health District’s ┬áNursing Executive to work on the development of the first Safety Culture Coordinator Role in NSW for the MoH. As Project manager for the development of the NCVH she has been formulating the NCVH for the past 18 months and will transition to Acting Operations Manager.

The Centre has three Case Managers: Eileen van Dijk, Rebecca McFarlane and Johanna Castle.

Eileen van Dijk is a Senior Social Worker who started her career in child protection before transferring to health. She worked for 10 years in the spinal/rehabilitation field across acute, subacute and community areas. Eileen was a Social Work Team Leader at Royal North Shore Hospital Cancer Services Team and worked in medical oncology. She also placed social work students at the University of NSW.

Rebecca Fortini is an Exercise Physiologist who started her career working in aged care and private practice. Most recently Rebecca worked as a Rehabilitation Case Manager for the Australian Defence Force (ADF), where she coordinated the rehabilitation of serving members to assist them to return to pre-injury duties or medically transition out.

Johanna Castle is an Occupational Therapist who has worked with the veteran community for the past 15 years.  She has worked as a Rehabilitation Consultant assisting contemporary veterans with complex care backgrounds to integrate into civilian life by supporting them with medical, psychosocial and vocational management.

Staff members

Ms Kirsty Chapman, Acting Operations Manager, National Centre for Veterans’ Healthcare
Dr Cameron Korb-Wells, Acting Medical Director, National Centre for Veterans’ Healthcare
Dr Winnie Hong, Senior Staff Specialist & Director Chronic Pain Management Service, Pain Management, Concord Hospital
Dr Huw Davie, Staff Specialist, Drug Health Services, Sydney Local Health District
Dr Gavin Angus-Leppan, Senior Staff Specialist, Psychiatry, Sydney Local Health District
Dr Justin Tan, Staff Specialist, Rehabilitation Medicine, Concord Hospital
Ms Trudy Phyladitis, Administration Officer

Allied Health

Naomi Fagan, Clinical Psychologist, Drug Health
Rebecca Lane, Clinical Psychologist, Pain Management
Sabine Merz, Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health
Valerie Yeung, Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health
Kia Roberts, Dietitian
Mel Grayson, Social Worker
Tori Aldridge, Physiotherapist
Leon Gantert, Exercise Physiologist
Occupational Therapist
Gabriel Ghobreyal, Diversional Therapist

Key personnel

Professor Robert Lusby, Chair, National Centre for Veterans’ Healthcare
Dr Teresa Anderson AM, Chief Executive, Sydney Local Health District
Dr Tim Sinclair, Executive Director of Operations, Sydney Local Health District
Dr Genevieve Wallace, General Manager, Concord Hospital
A/Prof Nicole Phillips, Director of Medical Services, Concord Hospital
Ms Helen Ryan, Allied Health Coordinator, Concord Hospital
Professor Paul Haber, Clinical Director, Drug Health Services, Sydney Local Health District
Dr Ross Hawthorne, Head of Department, Rehabilitation Medicine, Concord Hospital
Mr Jay Jiang, Associate Director of Operations, Sydney Local Health District
A/Professor John Cullen, Clinical Director, Aged Care and Rehabilitation, Sydney Local Health District
Ms Helen Goldsack, Director of Nursing, Concord Hospital
Mr Brad Copelin, Veterans’ Advisor
Ms Lil Vrklevski, Director of Psychology, Sydney Local Health District
Professor David Handelsman, Head of Department, Andrology, Concord Hospital
Ms Lesley Innes, Director, Centre for Education and Workforce Development, Sydney Local Health District

Mr Christopher Hopper, Corporate Communications Manager, Concord Hospital
Ms Corryn McKay, Director, Strategic Relations and Communication, Sydney Local Health District
Ms Carly McLoughlin, Corporate Communications Manager, Sydney Local Health District
National Centre for Veterans' Healthcare
Sydney Local Health District
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