What to expect

Once a referral is received, a Case Manager will be in contact to confirm eligibility. Any veteran with one day or more of ADF service, regardless of the type of service, is potentially eligible.

If a veteran’s clinical needs are beyond what the Centre can provide as an outpatient service, Case Managers will assist to facilitate referral to appropriate alternate services, including consideration of acute inpatient care.

All veterans attending the Centre will be asked to participate in an evaluation project.

An intake assessment will take place over the phone so the clinical needs of the veteran can be identified. The Case Manager will coordinate a date and time for the phone intake discussion, which will take up to an hour.

All referrals are discussed by the multidisciplinary team and appropriate appointments coordinated. There will be a period of time between assessment and the first appointment. Length of time depends on need, demand and availability. Appointment details are confirmed in advance.

Please bring the following documents to your first appointment:

  1. Completed consent form

  2. Medicare card

    Medicare card

  3. A Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) card (if applicable)

    Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) card

  4. Photographic ID (e.g. drivers licence or passport)

    Photographic ID (e.g. drivers licence or passport)

  5. Any relevant medical reports or scans

    Medical reports or scans

  6. Family member or carer for support (if desired)

  7. ADF medical discharge summary (PM552) or MECRB medical discharge determination (if applicable)

  8. Any questions you have
    Please note: If you do not bring valid cards your appointment may have to be rescheduled.

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